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OK, well this is the "home" or main part of my page
For Rebecca,Michael,and Melisa, 
my thoughts and memories of you and 
hopes that one day you would find me, 
were and still are the strongest motivation for writeing
these pages, 
of course they are also for anyone else that happens to find something of interest here.
 I have started a new website:  NEW WebSite, GarryRicketsonartworks.com  This is where all 
the newest and most recent things are being submitted, This site here is pretty old, and not so uptodate.

I don't really know that much on writing web pages, and never have much time as my real job is cutting and shaping stone (ONYX,Cantera,Marble,etc),it is hard,dusty,tiring work....but STONE WORK ROCKS but I like it,I have some photos,only a few right now.

A special thanks to:YankiKiwi, for his help in designing these pages.

  • NEW FORUM A general forum for everyones enjoyment WITTY WITTY What is that ? Click Witty Witty to see,
  • YAHOO ANSWERS I enjoy reading and answering questions,on programming and design alot, and sometimes also ask a question, I like yahoo answers so here is a link to it. Yahoo Answers and questions, on programming and design.
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  • QB64 Beginners FORUM Basic Forum This is my newest endeaver, a forum for beginners wanting to learn,Ms Basic,Qbasic, Qb64,Dos stuff
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS Please Read Me News and anouncements,I just added a new prgram I am working on.
  • Animations, NEW Danceing Boy And for more animations All animations
  • New Page CLICK HERE to view it. A collection of GIFS and sprites I am starting to work on.
  • ABOUT ME Is a story I am just starting AboutMe part 1
  • For help learning web design Web Design Visit this forum.

Para Español, or translate, click the yahoo fish thing, And please, I am sorry the translator dose not work real well, partly because of spelling errors,I will be fixing that soon

Sellecionar SPANISH (español) Para español ,prende el pescado. traducir?this is just the link where I got the translator

I would like to say, WELCOME!and I am glad you are here.
If I don't know you, well pleased to meet you... and to anyone that know me,..thanks for STOPPING by.
You can go to this Directory,Directory
And look for what you are interested in,or you can read on, here
  • NEW DOWNLOADS These are all the downloads I have available, all in one page,..mostly programs I have done, or am working on. downloads here
  • My Paintings My "gallery" A new web site, photos of past work I have done, mostly painting, I will be adding to this also.

This is the NEW main page, after struggling,with various web hosts, I finally found WEBS.COM Webs everything uploads fine,and they seem to be a great HOST, thank you WEBS!

Post your comments to Garry,me.

  • CHAT NEW CHAT This is new, a chat widget.
  • MY NEW WEB SITE GarryRicketsonArtworks Hope you check it out.
  • One last note, I don't think these pages will ever be finished, they will always keep changing and growing.

    I am using CoffeeCup HTML editor(build 305),to write these pages,a special thanks to them CoffeeCup HTML editor They really are a great bunch of people,and have some great software.

    Me(the ugly one) and my wife.

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